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Should You Buy New Office Furniture? 

Office space will never be complete if there is no furniture to keep things neat and organised, and for everyone to work conveniently. Updating old and worn-out furniture is very important for you and you’re your staff to work productively. However, for some business owners, buying new office furniture is a waste of money. If you feel the same way, check out this article to see why purchasing new furniture for your office is worth the investment.

It can make your office attractive and welcoming
Your property’s appearance can have a huge effect on clients who are planning to do business with you. While old furniture can make your office unattractive, they might even think that your business is on the verge of closing. On the other hand, new furniture can give people the impression that your business is in a good position.

It can make your office more spacious
As your business grows larger, you will also need to hire more staff to carry out the growing tasks. More people also mean more equipment, such as computers and paper files to accommodate inside your office. While this is a good thing, the possibility there is that your office will become more crowded, increasing the chances of office equipment being knocked down and people tripping due to lack of space. Moving into a new larger office space is not always the best decision. Instead, buying additional furniture and rearranging your office to accommodate new employees and equipment might solve the problem.

Improves employees’ productivity
Employees are more productive if they feel appreciated and valuable, but letting them use old and worn-out furniture will make them feel unappreciated, even if it is not our intention. Aside from killing their morale, old furniture can discourage them from staying in their work areas due to fear that they can cause more damage to the old furniture, or it gives them back and neck pains. Buying new furniture that is suitable and comfortable to use will help your employees enjoy work and become more productive.

They are beneficial for health
Sitting in an office chair that is not ergonomically designed can cause someone to suffer back pain and other health-related problems such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Updating your old office furniture with modern, ergonomically designed furniture can help you protect your employees – the most important asset of your business. By providing them the right furniture, your employees can remain healthy and productive for a very long time.

Smith Bros & WS Transport

Brief from client

New Head Office for WS Transportation and Smith Brothers Scania Services. Two storey office block to incorporate a Scania Dealership and Head Office for WS Transportation Ltd. Ground floor area comprises of a Reception, meeting room, break-out area and sales suite. With back offices for management and administration staff.

Style of furniture

The open plan area was set out with Adapt bench desk units, matched with Airseating high back, sapphire blue, faux leathers seating. The Reception was finished in a curved walnut veneer unit with a glass counter. All the management and the administration offices were fitted out in standard walnut finish. The WS Transportation offices were set out with Adapt bench desk units in white with blue aluminium framed screens and Airseating high back chairs. Meeting rooms featured a 3.4m boardroom table in walnut veneer with central cable box in a white gloss finish accompanied by Airseating Blast high back visitors chair in tangerine faux leather. Their management offices were also fitted in standard walnut finish, with the MD suite and boardroom in walnut veneer from Eborcraft.

All of the soft furnishings were from the Dams range of Social Spaces products.

Project Details
  • Value:£10,000+
  • Client: Smith Bros & WS Transport
  • Staff: 4 Senior Management and Directors, 40+ office staff
    Project Plan