Soli Squares Private Working Booths


Soli squares are high tiered square booths designed to provide a high level of acoustic and visual privacy, allowing individuals to concentrate and complete focused tasks in private space within the workplace environment.  Soli’s unique connection joints allow for multiple, additional workstations using shared components which saves space and costs compared to stand alone units.  Desktops can be positioned to suit different working styles.



  • Available in 1000mm and 1200mm widths and 600mm/800mm deep desks
  • White 25mm worktops with 36mm thick screens for optimal sound absorption
  • Adjustable worktop height options for desk high or poseur table levels
  • Available as a side-by-side design or back-to-back with low screens (1100H) or high screens (1500H)
  • Extend in endless modular workstations with rows of straight add on units
  • Optional integrated power modules and charging points